Welcome to DAM Productions' Doctor Who Unofficial Fan Series

Since 2001 our small team here at DAM Productions have made Doctor Who fan audios and fan films with love and in honour of the BBC's flagship show. We have no affiliation with the BBC or its companies. We make no profit by releasing these productions, they are available free of charge here. We encourage you to purchase the official releases by both the BBC and Big Finish Productions.


  Terror Forming Cover

Terror Forming

A simple experimental ship falls into the clutches of an enemy very familiar to the Doctor and Mike

Originally Released: December 2015

  Just Wil Cover

Time and the Relative

A threat to the entire Universe needs only a Time Lord, a boy and a tin dog to fight it. Can the Man, the Myth, the Moving Time Lord save the day?

Originally Released: March 2015

The Joy Sphere Cover

The Joy Sphere

The Doctor and Sam help Xylos complete the god making machine - the Joy Sphere.

Originally Released: January 2015

  Just Wil Cover

Just Wil

The Doctor and Mike must enlist the help of an old friend to overturn an impending invasion

Originally Released: January 2014

  Isolation Cover


Chand is dead. Alice has been kidnapped. And the Doctor is on the run from a Time Lord bounty hunter, can he escape?

Originally Released: April 2010

  Here Come the Clowns Cover

Here Come the Clowns

At birthday parties across Britain sinister clowns are absorbing the laughter from children. Meanwhile the past is catching up with the Doctor, or his future?

Originally Released: March 2010

  Pop Factor! Cover

Pop Factor!

Rock and roll comes to seventeenth century town, is someone up to their old tricks?

Originally Released: March 2010

  The Eyes Have It Cover

The Eyes Have It

A killer is loose and he wants your eyes.

Originally Released: February 2010

  Sliding Doctors Cover

Sliding Doctors

Two possibilities, two alternative futures. Can the Doctor make sure the correct time line prevails?

Originally Released: January 2010

  Shuck Cover


England, 1577 and you shouldn’t be out after dark. A mysterious beast stalks the land, a giant black dog with a flaming red eye they call it Shuck, Black Shuck...

Originally Released: December 2009

  The Game of Adventure Cover

The Game of Adventure

A brief stop in fifth century Persia ends up with the trio appearing on television in another galaxy, have they got what it takes to play the game?

Originally Released: October 2009

  Siege of the Silver City Cover

Siege of the Silver City

The TARDIS is shot out of the sky. The Doctor is unconscious, and Alice and Chand find themselves trapped in a city on the verge of annihilation. Can anyone stop the Anarchist?

Originally Released: September 2009

  It Ends Where It Began Cover

It Ends Where It Began

A new gas has the potential to replace fossil fuels, but when Alice meets a future version of their Doctor things take a more deadly turn.

Originally Released: August 2009

  The Unforgiving World Cover

The Unforgiving World

Marooned on a world where the sand moves beneath and the planet's imminent destruction is inevitable, an old adversary awaits the Doctor and a creature longs to feed.

Originally Released: June 2009

The Doll's House Cover

The Doll's House

An ancient mansion holds many dark secrets...

Originally Released: July 2009

  A Blue Box a Traveller and Two Strangers Cover

A Blue Box a Traveller and Two Strangers

Friends, Alice and Chand, walk home from a night out and their lives change forever as are they lost in time and hunted for sport. Can a traveller in a blue box save them?

Originally Released: May 2009

Sorrow Cover


The Necronauts are closing in and time is running out.

Originally Released: April 2008

  Tempromancy of the Daleks Cover

Tempromancy of the Daleks

The one where the Daleks cannabalise a TARDIS and the Doctor meets his maker.

Originally Released: September 2005

  Arlington Hall Cover

Arlington Hall

The one where Cluedo is for real and the Butler did it.

Originally Released: April 2005

  Check & Mate Cover

Check & Mate

The one with Sontarans and the chess player.

Originally Released: October 2004

  Operation Orifice Cover

Operation Orifice

The one without Mike but with Sarah and some strange time paradox.

Originally Released: March 2003

  Continuity's End Cover

Continuity's End

The one where Cybermen offspring, the Cybertrons head to Earth.

Originally Released: February 2002

  The Big F Up Cover

The Big F Up

The one where we rip off TV's Sliders and the Doctor meets Mike.

Originally Released: July 2001