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The Doctors

David Nagel Doctor
Matthew Chambers Doctor

The Companions

Alice Morgan
Chandresh Singh

First heard: The Big F Up
First seen: Chimera
This Doctor is by far one of the more gentler incarnations, his wonderful easy lifestyle will oft lure his enemies into the deepest sense of false security. This Doctor is akin to the Fifth Doctor and Seventh Doctor, this Doctor is far more humane than he would probably admit to himself, sometimes unsure and indecisive while at the same time still exuding the aura of he actually knows what he's doing, dealing with the spur of the moment rather than the grand scheme.
Though despite all this, He is still The Doctor, his fun loving nature will often take him and his companions to where ever there's a laugh to be had. Okay true there's usually a pissed of dwarf waiting for them but meh that's part and parcel.

He can be a touch sardonic, but not cynical, like a good wine he's mostly good humoured but not an out right joker.

But the most intriguing point about this old boy, he's a game player, prides himself in his unbeatable Jenga score, his chess skills are out of sight, literally if he cheats, but all this leans into the doctor way of dealing with the world, countering every move that is thrown at him some times before the enemy have even taken their turn. Not as manipulative as his 7th self, but if he can see an opportunity to win, he'll take it.

He is. The Doctor

First heard: Sorrow
First seen: Chimera
He's still the same warm personality, but he's far more forthright. By far a much more darker personality constantly seeing a darkness and menace where ever they go, whether it be past present or future in relation where and when he and Sam are.

His dress sense is far more Edwardian harking back to the days where he was a much older man. This Doctor loves fun and adventure and solid mystery, and is much more akin to the Sixth Doctor, thus making him very alien, highly pragmatic. But at the same time, this Doctor recognises the old encroaching years and so is much more a grandfather/old uncle at heart.

If not to make his personality even more complicated and convoluted, this Doctor has a wonderful child likeness to him as well. Loves games and jollifications, he collects comics and loves anything comic book related, and adores anything cherry flavored...odd.

Loves a good sword fight, no guns, no killing just a good sword bout.

First heard: The Big F Up
First seen: Chimera

Well if you sell flour to gangsters you're going to find yourself in deep trouble aren't you, and then of course you'll meet some called the Doctor and generally bug him, get poked in the eye and think your Elisabeth Taylor and say its a personal thing, of course you are, it stands to reason.

Mike is a human, allegedly, who travels with the Doctor, for all bar one adventure in season one, and is a walking example of miracles, because its a miracle he's still alive, with soft spot for monkeys and Napster, Mike is the Doctor's trusted assistant...but could he be the key to something bigger, bolder and much more dangerous?

With a fine line in bright Hawaiian shirts, and striking a pose that's so close to copyright infringing its almost eye burning. Mike is every Scooby gang fans dream come true.

His attitude towards life absolutely baffles the Doctor, how can someone go through the universe and remain so mind boggling calm! Mike is playing life for laughs. But that's something he feels he needs to do for the Doctor. The Doctor always being so stern and forthright, Mike feels he needs to teach the old boy how to loosen up have a good time and dress like Carmen Miranda....like we said its a personal thing.

First/last heard: Tempromancy of the Daleks (as played by Lee Smith)

This K9 was one of many that the Doctor had engineered to give to various leaving companions as Christmas presents, this one is particular was given to Xylos upon his leaving Gallifrey. Speculation believes it is the same one that Leela was given by the Doctor's Fourth Incarnation (see "The Invasion of Time"). This K9 plays a key part in the Doctor and Mike's life.

First heard: The Unforgiving World
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Alice has already moved from one world to another. One day the quiet little Welsh hamlet of Blackwood and the next, the bustling streets of London town, all to study history at university.

Alice is a cultured, raised in a close and loving family, but by no means a snob, she can be as tough as one of the lads. She hates her name being reduced to “Al” by Chand, a guy she sometimes wonders why she is friends with.

Then she finds herself being dragged to a nightclub to be a spare lemon while Chand waits to meet ‘the love of his life’ and he said it would be fun! But drinking warm orange juice in a dingy London nightclub isn’t her idea of fun! She could be writing her dissertation on the Crimean war.

But on the way home, nursing Chand’s dented pride, her life, and his changes forever… they meet a man called the Doctor, and once again she moves into another world.

First heard: The Unforgiving World
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If ‘chasing girls’ were a university course he would have taken that. Unfortunately for him he is stuck studying Advanced Computer Technology.

Having lived in and around London all his life, moved from one dotty aunt to another, Chand believes himself to be streetwise. He also considers himself to be cool, attractive and a bit of joker; he struggles to take any situation seriously.

Living on his floor at the on site university accommodation – just to get away from his many, many aunts, he meets a curious young woman called Alice. Instantly there’s an attraction. But although Chand tries to make it into a physical attraction, he knows deep down, it’s a kindred spirit attraction, she is the sister he never had.

Their unlikely friendships grows, and on a night out their lives are changed forever. Yes, nothing will ever be the same again.

First heard: Bah!
First seen: Pudsai
Now the Doctor is back in his own place in time and space, but with no memory of his present self up, all he has to rely upon is the companion known as Sammy.

Sammy is by her own statement a photo journalist from the 21st century investigating the strange goings on in London when she met the Doctor and from there. She is no ones fool, strong willed with a dynamite right hook. An amateur sleuth at heart with the ability to outwit the Doctor and see things that even he would overlook. She is in all ways, and more, the Doctor's equal if not his better.

First heard: Sorrow

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Sam is a human woman from a colony in the far future. Her home world colony was destroyed at the end of her first story “Sorrow” so to all intent and purposes she is an orphan, though it will be mentioned through the series that the doctor and sam met long before that episode. So their relationship is not a new one.

She is quick witted, spontaneous. Her sense of humour is very dry, and her sense of adventure is unbounded. She's not a girly girl, but at the same time she is not hard core military. She appreciates the aesthetics in life but doesn't let them govern her, if she has to crawl around in mud and dirt to escape a Dalek onslaught she would be the first to say “anyone for a mudbath!”

She is very tough and doesn't need a man to look after her, she can handle weapons. She prefers bladed weapons because “they are just so classy”. She is also the best hand to hand combatest ever, adept in several martial arts and other combat techniques. So this lady is no shrinking violet.

But through her travels and growth she has become like the Doctor a “Nerd” at heart, she adores the popular culture of the 20th and 21st century. She loves comic books, science fiction and horror so in a tense or spooky situation she thrills at it because its so reminiscent of her favourite films and books, but hardens up when the dangerous truth makes itself known.

She is not religious, she has a very good technical mind, she is able to handle many / any computer. She has solid grasp of how to pilot the tardis. Very little phases her, but she still fears fear like anyone else would.

She is basically fully rounded human being. She is basically fully rounded human being.