Welcome to DAM Productions' Doctor Who Unofficial Fan Series

Since 2001 our small team here at DAM Productions have made Doctor Who fan audios and fan films with love and in honour of the BBC's flagship show. We have no affiliation with the BBC or its companies. We make no profit by releasing these productions, they are available free of charge here. We encourage you to purchase the official releases by both the BBC and Big Finish Productions.

About & FAQ

DAM Productions is a UK-based multimedia production company having begun making non-profit, just-for-fun 'Doctor Who' audio productions and fan films way back in 2001. While not limited to, DAM Productions are continuing to expand our other original serieses.

The writing and acting team of David Nagel and Michael Maher ensured a great enthusiastic start of the 'Doctor Who' audio plays. Born from a lack of 'Doctor Who' on our screens at the time (unheard of now!), inspiration came from other groups like the now defunct 'Floorten Productions' and still-going-strong 'Doctor Who Crossover Adventures'.

Since our humble beginnings our catalogue has increased dramatically over the years, including some noteworthy short films including our first "Chimera" in 2003 and our 2008 the Children in Need special "Pudsai".

Our passion for fan media have also spawned life-long friendships with other production houses and people like Aron Toman from the 'Crossovers', Benji Clifford and Christopher Thomson of 'Teenz Inc' and 'Timetunnel Media' and no-stranger to fan films Chris Hoyle and co from 'The Projection Room'.

In 2015 we were fortunate enough to be nominated and won a number of Audio Verse Awards, both for our various post production and writing teams but our 'Doctor Who' series won Best Fan Adaptation.

For more information about our audio series and films please visit our page at Doctor Who Expanded


What! Where am I?

Don’t worry – calm down my dears. You have found DAM Audios’ Doctor Who Audio Adventure series, a continuing series of fan audios (and occasionally fan films) based on BBC TV’s Doctor Who, lovingly put together for your own personal enjoyment. Download and share and occasionally tell us what you think!

Doctor Who audios? Don’t Big Finish do audios? Are you Big Finish? Do you have a license?

Alas, no. We do not have a license, nor do we intend to acquire one. We are simply a small group of fan boys and girls who enjoy writing stories, acting and generally having a good laugh. These audios are made from our sheer devotion to the television series. While we respect the position of Big Finish and their audios, we do not intend or enforce that we are an equal and/or better alternative. Though we do enforce you support the official releases from either Big Finish or the BBC.

Do you release these audios on CD?

Er, no. Unless you ask really nice then we may consider sending you a copy but we primarily release our adventures online for free in the mp3 format to download, any time, any when – what could be better than that?


Yes, MP3 – Moving Picture Experts Group-1 Audio Layer 3 those little files that everyone has nowadays, that can be supported by any media player, be it Winamp, or Windows Media Player or your hardwares like iPods etc. Our catalogue is currently available in MP3 at 22kHz, 96kbps, stereo.

Will you be releasing higher quality MP3s? Or other loss-less formats like FLAC?

In the future we may offer our catalogue in other higher quality formats for those who would like them as such but at present due to hosting (and budget!) we cannot maintain our increasing catalogue in such manner.

How do these audios fit in with the TV series?

Sort of and sort of doesn’t. Though these Doctors are deemed to follow the TV legend as it was transmitted between 1963 – 1989 and exist in a universe where the time lines are dominated by the Time Lord race from their existence on the planet Gallifrey. While not limited to the context of the 2005 series, our series does pay some homage to this series in places. Like the 2005 series, we only ever reference our own past where appropriate and hardly, if ever, refer or attempt a sequel to anything that has appeared in the original series.

Where do you recommend I start listening?

While we’d advise listening from the beginning (The Big F Up) to catch any little bits that may occur in our Series 1 story arc, our improvement over the years in production values and story quality can be heard in “Check and Mate” (2004) onwards. Though if you can't handle a full adventure right now why not check out the Short Trips and Side Steps, shorter, mini-adventures to wet your appetite.

Why are there two incarnations of the Doctor? When does the regeneration take place?

We like to think that the Doctor, as a character, has endless possibilities and would be a crime to not let his adventures be cramped by having one Doctor happen after another and so our happy medium was to simply let our Doctors’ journeys run parallel. A regeneration does happen but this as yet has not been broadcast.

Can I take part?

Sure! We’re always happy to welcome comers willing to contribute to the series somehow. Check out the Auditions & Submissions page for information on auditioning for acting parts or post production positions for upcoming audios or if you have a story you’d like to share, use this page for guidance on writing it in relation to our series. We look forward to hearing from you!