Welcome to DAM Productions' Doctor Who Unofficial Fan Series

Since 2001 our small team here at DAM Productions have made Doctor Who fan audios and fan films with love and in honour of the BBC's flagship show. We have no affiliation with the BBC or its companies. We make no profit by releasing these productions, they are available free of charge here. We encourage you to purchase the official releases by both the BBC and Big Finish Productions.

"Time and the Relative" Coming Soon

Coming on 14 March 2015 is "Time and the Relative" a Doctor and Mike story that encapsulates the rough plot of a long abandoned movie script from the early 1990s.

But can you guess which one?

David Nagel returns as the Doctor with Michael Maher as Mike at his side, joined by K9 (Dean Packis) as they meet a menagerie of characters all intent on finding two mysterious crystals of unimaginable power...