Welcome to DAM Productions' Doctor Who Unofficial Fan Series

Since 2001 our small team here at DAM Productions have made Doctor Who fan audios and fan films with love and in honour of the BBC's flagship show. We have no affiliation with the BBC or its companies. We make no profit by releasing these productions, they are available free of charge here. We encourage you to purchase the official releases by both the BBC and Big Finish Productions.

(Time) Lord of the Polls

DAM are very pleased to announce following the 'Best Fan Film of the Noughties' Poll run by Billy and Jon at Whotubia, Children in Need special "Pudsai" was voted Number 7. Many thanks to all those who voted and well done to everyone else in the poll. In other news, abandoned 2005 fan film "Time and the Doctors" features in Fan Film Follies latest The Doctor Is In article 'Mission to the Unknown' by JE Smith, about the top 10 abandoned fan films over the past decade. Cheers Jeff!