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Since 2001 our small team here at DAM Productions have made Doctor Who fan audios and fan films with love and in honour of the BBC's flagship show. We have no affiliation with the BBC or its companies. We make no profit by releasing these productions, they are available free of charge here. We encourage you to purchase the official releases by both the BBC and Big Finish Productions.

In the Green Room... James Quinton talks Series Two

DAM Audios Doctor Who Series Two, as it is now known, was originally titled ‘Doctor Who: Future Regeneration’. The project began back in 2006(!) and was originally to be made by another audio production company who expressed an interested in starting a fan Doctor Who drama line.

Such is life that they unfortunately had to pull out. So, I found myself stuck with a handful of scripts ready to roll. A random posting on The Doctor Who Forum put me in touch with Mr Nagel of DAM Audios who, rather gallantly, offered to produce DW:FR.

The process of bringing that series to life took, well, let’s say a while – unsurprising, life has other demands apart from a fan audio production! During that time the actor who was to play the Doctor dropped out, so the decision was made to make ‘Doctor Who: Future Regeneration’ series two of Mr Nagel’s own DW audio series, with himself playing the Doctor.

Doctor Who: Future Regeneration’s Doctor (as implied, a future unspecified incarnation) followed the continuity of the television series, the Time War had taken play and David Tennant had once been the Tenth Doctor. Mr Nagel’s series takes the stance that he is playing an alternative Ninth Doctor, where the Time Lords are still kicking around. With that in mind a few scripts needed to be re-written. But apart from that the process of switching to be DAM’s series was quite smooth. I then took up the challenge to follow Series Two with Series Three where a few loose ends will be tied up!

Series Three is in production and is looking good, we have got some excellent writers on board and we’re going to attempt a multi-media crossover to expand the series.

But back to series two, the stories are now coming out thick and fast – at last!

Enjoy the ride!

~James Quinton, 2008