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Since 2001 our small team here at DAM Productions have made Doctor Who fan audios and fan films with love and in honour of the BBC's flagship show. We have no affiliation with the BBC or its companies. We make no profit by releasing these productions, they are available free of charge here. We encourage you to purchase the official releases by both the BBC and Big Finish Productions.

Siege of the Silver City

NARRATED BY Siobhan Gallichan

Siege of the Silver City

Siege of the Silver City

No Flash Installed

Running Time: 20 minutes

Shot out of the sky, the TARDIS crashes to the ground. With the Doctor unconscious, Alice and Chand find themselves trapped in a city on the verge of annihilation. A terrifying army approaches - can anyone stop the Anarchist?


Siobhan Gallichan

David Nagel
David Nagel
Tony Diana
Gavin McQue
David Nagel

September 2009