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Since 2001 our small team here at DAM Productions have made Doctor Who fan audios and fan films with love and in honour of the BBC's flagship show. We have no affiliation with the BBC or its companies. We make no profit by releasing these productions, they are available free of charge here. We encourage you to purchase the official releases by both the BBC and Big Finish Productions.

In the Green Room... Hannah Wollaston

About You:

After starting life in the Coten End Primary School and making my way up to the end of King’s High, I was certain that a solid career in acting was what I wanted to do, even if I meant later on taking my top off in my own movie “The Line” with Sam Dimitrijevic. My life on YouTube was a very big turning point, as I had no idea I would grow to have fans as well as great friends, such as Edward Miller, Matthew Chambers, John Hutch, Tony Coburn and many more. I currently attend the East 15 Acting School where I am daily pressed to find new explorative strategies in my acting as well as boost my confidence to be as daring as possible ons stage, and in my own time, on camera.

Your Role in Doctor Who Audios

My role in the audios is that of Sam, which I aquired through meeting her creator Matthew Chambers. The plucky bisexual female is technologically advanced for a human and would always pick a scrap in the mud over a clean bit of fun around a poker table.

What was life before Sam

Acting and writing before Sam was a very different experience. I was introduced to the realm of YouTube through Tony Coburn, a very good Doctor Who writer and director and had already been cast as Romana in many of his Doctor Who series episodes. I had started to create random episodes of Doctor Who myself but they had little structure in terms of continuity and many of the never got made. They were only ever ideas. My acting was in development and I needed something to give me more depth. Along came Sam.

How did you get the part of Sam?

After browsing YouTube for various Doctor Who fan videos and email came through from a certain Walsallmatt. I’d only heard of this YouTuber in passing and was estranged to find an email from this YouTuber. It detailed the character of Sam and I was immediately hooked. I emailed back accepting the role and to find out more and have been enchanted with her ever since. I thank Matthew Chambers very much for this opportunity.

What were your immediate impressions of the Character?

I loved her. Full stop. She was outrageous and funny, strong yet vulnerable and certainly someone I found great empathy with. She was the sort of character you could look at and love from the start. After listening to the first audio “Sorrow”, I found I had more in common with her than I first thought. She had loved and lost, as I had, and as she had no background, I have had a lot of fun over the past year of playing her to help her develop.

Do you enjoy playing her?

I love playing her. She has the energy of a ten year old but the maturity of the Doctor. A match for him any day. She has a variety of styles and a heck of a lot of strength to match! Her kick ass attitude and “go-for anything” motto makes her an ideal audio character and I have loved playing her in every way.

Where do you want to go with Sam in the Audios?

I want to delve into Sam’s past and reveal her parentage and growing up years to the audience. I have a fascination with her mental abilities and really want her to be pushed to the limit to prove that anyone really is capable of anything. I want her to be proof that everyone needs a good friend, and her friend….is the Doctor.

In your mind what is the relationship between “Sam” and “The Doctor”

In my mind she sees the Doctor almost as a fun Uncle of Father Type figure. There is no way of the two of them falling in love romantically and yet she sees him as a fair match for her intellect. She loves the banter with him and can’t wait to nudge him in the direction of a sarcastic sense of humour.

Do you like Matt's take on The Doctor?

I think Matt’s take on the Doctor is very grandfather like but I enjoy the fact that the more gentlemanly side of the Doctor has once again been brought out. Without this, the Doctor wouldn’t be as strong as he is. He seems to know what is what but I like the fact that, unlike some other Doctor’s, he trusts his companion to have hands on access to the TARDIS.

And now the big question

Sam has already had two incarnations – you’re not going anywhere soon are you

Nope, I’m staying right where I am for as long as possible!! =P